Ever thought about developing a small real-estate project?

Emerging Developer Bootcamp is all about real-estate development at a pace and scale that strengthens neighborhoods. Over the next six months, Incremental Development Alliance, will be hosting training events for Memphians who want to build better neighborhoods, but do not know where to begin. Join us if you've ever thought about:

  • Investing in you neighborhood.

  • Rehabbing a neglected property.

  • Simply using your talents to give back to the place you love.

Think Big. Build Small. 

The small stuff matters.  Small-scale projects offer a huge opportunity to strengthen our neighborhoods. 

Whether you already have a project idea or you’re just curious about infill real estate development, you can benefit from the Emerging Developer Boot Camp. We have events designed for people at various stages in the development process, with each event building on the ones prior. Events are stretched out over several months to give attendees time to put their training to work in between. 



To learn more about IncDev and the emerging developer work, check out the informational videos below.

Additional Resources

  • Quick & dirty financial worksheet: cash on cash return
    • This is used in the site comparison stage - it’s a very quick way to estimate whether a building would cash flow and compare returns against other potential sites.
  • Step-by-step: Where to begin with zoning
  • Buildings for beginners
  • An explanation of some Missing Middle allstars that are accessible to novice developers using a normal mortgage
  • Incremental approach diagram: from food stand to live/work fourplex
    • An illustrated diagram explaining how one thing can lead to another. Monte’s approach to neighborhood development and the value of starting small. It’s not just cheaper to start small, it’s smart and strategic.