September 2017 - Two-Day Boot Camp

Take action on an idea. This is an opportunity to pull out a map, pencil, paper, calculator, red pen, and get to work. If you’ve got a site in mind or a project in the hopper, the Boot Camp is a place to put it through the test on paper before any large sums of money get involved. At the Boot Camp, you’ll have one-on-one time with seasoned small developers who can be a second set of eyes as you apply the foundational training from the One-Day Workshops to a real project. The Boot Camp includes presentations of a more how-to nature in addition to a practicum.

Participants work through exercises like building and refining their pro forma, creating an investor proposal package, and drawing out the zoning parameters for their lot. Participants can also practice pitching their project to the group and instructors in order to get feedback in a supportive environment.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to make strategic design decisions
  • Estimate development income and expenses
  • Interpret, analyze, build, and refine a pro forma
  • Understand what makes a compelling proposal to investors
  • Read and interpret zoning as it applies to your building lot
  • Meet people who can help you