May 10th & July 15th - One-Day Workshop

The One-Day Workshop is a guide to project formation designed for a general audience. Through a series of presentations and exercises, attendees will get a high level overview of the whole development process and learn how to read their neighborhood for opportunity. Sessions include small scale real estate development strategy, finance for small projects, straightforward design, and introduction to the pro forma. Through presentations, hands-on practice, and networking with local like-minded people, this workshop is the first step to becoming a small developer yourself or creating a supportive ecosystem for small development in your city.

Learning Objectives

  • Get a big picture view of small scale real estate development and the value it provides in a community
  • Understand how a building makes money and how to analyze what kind of building your local market will support
  • Learn the first steps in formulating your own project and how to get started as a developer with little to no resources
  • Learn how to read and interpret zoning to see what and where you can build
  • Discover where you need help filling the gaps in your skills and expertise
  • Meet people who can help you

*We are offering this workshop twice to provide both a weekday and a weekend option for your convenience. It will be the same content each time.