Retail Properties in the District

Are you looking to relocate or find a place for your new business? We surveyed the Memphis Medical District to identify available, vacant, and underutilized spaces that could be ideal locations for your venture.*

To view property information and a photo, simply click on a gray (occupied) or orange (vacant) dot. To refine your search, filter results by either building type or size.

We want to help you move or locate to the district. If you need more information on business development, please see our pre-development grant opportunity to learn how you can secure up to $5,000 to cover pre-development costs.

If you own a property that is not on the map, email to list it.


*Disclaimer: This map is only represents data collected via a walking survey. The MMDC did not contact landlords, real estate agents, or property managers for availability, and therefore, this map does not advertise these properties as available for sale or lease.